Join us in celebration of DevJumpstart's launch in Austin!


Become a Web Developer in 10 Immersive Weeks,

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We're launching our 10-week immersive program to teach absolute beginners how to become web developers, and would love to have you celebrate the launch.

What you will learn at DevJumpstart

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  • Test Driven Development

    Be proactive and write tests so you're not constantly repairing broken code.

  • HTML5 / CSS3

    Learn to systematically create beautiful webpages and captivate audiences.

  • JavaScript

    Learn the language making the web awesome with libraries like jQuery, node.js and backbone.js.

  • Git/Version Control

    Collaborate with other devs using GitHub without messing up each other's code.

  • Ruby On Rails

    The same framework behind websites like Groupon, Twitter, LinkedIn and Hulu.

  • Agile Development

    Build, ship, learn, repeat. Iterate on your applications and maximize value.

  • Modern Web Technology

    AJAX, SASS, HAML, LESS, and every other four letter acronym. Each one will blow your mind.

  • Popular APIs

    Automatically pull data from Google Maps, facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to build cool apps.

  • The Intangibles

    Presentation skills, interview skills, code reviews, pair-programming, and much more.

How You Will Learn?

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  1. Title

  2. Pair Programming

    Two programmers on one computer. It's powerful. We're excited for you to experience it. You'll love it.

  3. Project Based Learning

    You'll start a project on day one. In ten weeks, you'll have a robust portfolio of work to show employers.

  4. Learn By Teaching

    You'll lead classes on beginner web development for the Austin community on Tuesday nights at 6pm. The best way to learn is to teach.

  5. Career-Focused

    Our curriculum is based off of real employers needs. Everything you learn will be directly applicable in the field.

  6. Learn How To Learn

    The secret sauce to becoming a great developer. We'll show you how to become a lifelong learner, and constantly improve.

  7. Hackathons

    Free (healthy) food. Free drinks. Build awesome apps in a weekend. Your awesomeness will surprise you. Inspired by Khan Academy.

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